Monday, February 26, 2007

The right utensils

I've said it several times to people; the better cooking utensils you have the easier it is to cook! And it usually goes much smoother as well.
I like easy and quick.That's my motto when I cook.

So I always look for new kitchen utensils and anything that can make my life easier in the kitchen. And sometimes I do find what I am looking for.

Unfortuantely where I live there aren't many big kitchen stores around so then I dream myself away on the internet. And Oh did I find what I was looking for at Instawares!

They have everything you could possibly imagine!

Everyone knows I have a sweet tooth and I am always on the lookout for new things to get me inspired. Actually I haven't got a small baking pan and I will have to buy one soon. It's on my list of "things I need for the kitchen". And I could make my list longer!

Cutters..molds, pans... it's best to stop actually...

I would really like a flour sifter......

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