Monday, November 19, 2007

Do you want a cookie with that?

Talking about coffee I have to ask: Do you want a cookie with that? I like to eat something sweet when I drink my afternoon coffee so a little cookie or a piece of cake is never wrong.

I don’t make cookies very often actually. I make lots of cakes but not cookies. It’s quicker to make a cake than cookies I think.

I really like chocolate chip cookies and the last time I made cookies it was just chocolate chip cookies but a Brazilian version with some extra ingredients. They didn’t come out perfect though so I think I’ll have to make them again soon to post the recipe for you. *lol* Chocolate chip cookies aren’t too common here so it’s better to make your own ones.

Now when Christmas comes I will have to prepare myself for some cookie making and baking though. But since it’s for Christmas I don’t mind.

If you don’t like to make your own cookies but prefer to buy them you can buy award winning all natural gourmet cookies from the San Francisco Cookie Company! You could even buy cookies as a gift and give to someone for Christmas. Now that is an idea I liked. You can send a dozen cookies per month to someone who deserves a special treat. (If I were you I’d send them to myself but keep quiet about it).

But come to think about it; cookies are delicious with milk. Do you prefer you cookie with milk, coffee, tea or something else?

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The best coffee comes from Brazil, right?

Well yes and no. I'm no coffee expert but I know how to appreciate a good cup of fresh brew and I believe I have had som much coffee in my days that I know a good coffee when I try it.

Most people believe that the best coffee comes from Brazil. Or that is if you live in Brazil you only drink the best coffee. Boy you couldn't be more wrong!

The coffee that is exported may be one of the best coffees in the world but the coffee the Brazilians drink… is horrible! Not the same as European coffee...

When I arrived to Brazil I bought several new coffees every month before I could find one I really liked. The coffee here is very bitter and I understand why they add more sugar than coffee to their brews. Well now after a few years I know what coffee to buy and which ones to avoid. These coffees are drinkable:

3 coraçoes – three hearts

Café Pilao

Café do Ponto – this one is exported and is double the price compared to “normal” coffee.

Café Tradiçional Melitta- you know the Melitta filters right? They make coffee as well.

Local coffees are often more bitter and has a strong after taste, but if you go to Brazil I would recommend the above coffees. Then you won’t have to spend time on trying out coffees. Do keep in mind that Brazilian coffee (that you drink at someone’s house) is normally sweetened but if you go to a bar or coffee shops you will be able to add sugar to taste. It is very unusual that they drink black coffee. I only drink black coffee without sugar and I get very surprised looks every time I ask for it.

What’s your favorite coffee?

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Christmas without chocolate?

A Christmas without chocolate? I don't think so! For me eating chocolate during Christmas is unthinkable, it's like Easter without Easter eggs. OK almost.

If you don’t know what to give then chocolate hampers are a perfect gift! It never goes wrong. I have never seen anyone getting sad for receiving chocolate that’s for sure.

As Christmas is approaching so quickly now in November I have started to worry about advent calendars. My son is 4 now and surely it’s time for him to get his first advent calendar. I just can’t decide on chocolate or Lego. First choice would be chocolate as I love the calendars myself. He would probably want to eat everything the same day though.

I live far from my family so I have to send things to them as I can’t give them in person. That’s why it’s good you can send chocolates by post, that makes it possible to give without being there.

I am a complete chocolate lover so I would be very happy if I only receive chocolate gifts for Christmas. OK, I will eat the chocolate but if it is good chocolate I will never forget it. In fact I still remember a delicious coffee chocolate that I was given when I was 11 years old and can until today still feel the taste. So chocolate eating is an experience you will not soon forget.

Now talking about it I have to go and eat some… Would you be happy if you got chocolate for Christmas?

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Christmas is coming!

Oh dear, time flies and oops it's almost Christmas! OK still another 7 weeks to go, but before we know it we will be wrapping gifts and finishing off our wishlists.

Of course the planning has already begun in many houselholds. It hasn't begun here yet tough. I'm still trying to control myself. The only thing I do know is that there will be marinated salmon, gravad lax,on my table this year. It's oh so expensive but oh so good so I can't possibly not buy it.

Have you started planning your Christmas food yet?

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