Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fried cheese balls

My mother in law gives me lots of fresh cheese every month. We rarely eat it all so I use it when I cook instead.Today I had an urge to make cheese balls and so I did. it turned out wonderfully! It's extremely easy to make and a prefect snack. Don' mind the calories though *lol*


Fried cheeseballs (makes 20)

2½ cup grated fresh white cheese (queijo mineiro)

1tbsp Cheddar soft cheese (or other flavor)

salt and pepper

chili sauce

garlic sauce/dressing

1 egg

bread crumbs mixed with flour

Mix the cheese in a blender, add chili sauce, garlic sauce and salt and pepper.  Stir in the soft cheese, preferably work the cheese with your hands so that it becomes like a dough.

Use a teaspoon as measurement and shape into small balls.  Beat the egg lightly, roll the cheese balls in it and roll in breadcrumbs. Fry until golden brown and serve immediately.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Parents fast food

"Mom make rice pudding"

"Mom make pizza"

"Mom make.." and the list goes on.

Rice pudding is something my son has started to ask for a lot lately. The first time he asked my immediate thought was: "I can't make rice pudding just like that, it takes time to make rice pudding" Well my son is very demanding so of course I made it to please him. And I realized it doesn't take that long. For me rice pudding is one of those things you have to cook with a gentle hand. I learned from a friend that rice pudding is best if you stir constantly.

With little time for that and a hungry child near by you kind of skip that step. Improvise. That is the thing, to do. If you are in a hurry to make rice pudding  you simply cook the rice in water first on high heat, when it is almost done you lower the heat and add some sugar, cinnamon and milk. Time to cook: No more than 15 minutes! During that time you only need to make sure your kid is occupied and wait.

Same thing with pizza. Make a quick dough without yeas and make pan pizza instead of in the oven.

This is what I call parents fast food. Do you have any Parents fast food recipe or tips to share?

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Friday, January 04, 2008

New year- new food

I don't like to make promises that I won't be able to keep so I am not going to promise  anything on this blog. Or any other blog for that matter :)

But I do have some thoughts and that is that this year I will cook more than last year and blog about it.  The year has just begun but I think I will have more time to cook and blog than last year.  At least that is what I would like to.

I started with "Double Chocolate Chip Cookies" today, first time ever I made them but they didn't turn out right. Instead of cookies I had melted dough after I took it out of the oven. So I will have to find a better recipe for "DCCC" and then I can share the recipe.

I wish you all a Happy New year!