Saturday, January 19, 2008

Parents fast food

"Mom make rice pudding"

"Mom make pizza"

"Mom make.." and the list goes on.

Rice pudding is something my son has started to ask for a lot lately. The first time he asked my immediate thought was: "I can't make rice pudding just like that, it takes time to make rice pudding" Well my son is very demanding so of course I made it to please him. And I realized it doesn't take that long. For me rice pudding is one of those things you have to cook with a gentle hand. I learned from a friend that rice pudding is best if you stir constantly.

With little time for that and a hungry child near by you kind of skip that step. Improvise. That is the thing, to do. If you are in a hurry to make rice pudding  you simply cook the rice in water first on high heat, when it is almost done you lower the heat and add some sugar, cinnamon and milk. Time to cook: No more than 15 minutes! During that time you only need to make sure your kid is occupied and wait.

Same thing with pizza. Make a quick dough without yeas and make pan pizza instead of in the oven.

This is what I call parents fast food. Do you have any Parents fast food recipe or tips to share?

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Shannon said...

Hello Linda,

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Audrey said...

We make pizza on english muffins. We toast the muffin, add the toppings and sauce, place under the broiler and woolaa, pizza.

Nice blog and awesome recipes.

Audrey :)

Buda said...

I buy pita bread and keep it in the freezer. When we want to make pizza, I just pull 1 pita bread out and we decorate it with toppings. By the time we have put toppings on it, it has already defrosted. In fact, I'm going to make pizza tonight. Yum.