Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Christmas without chocolate?

A Christmas without chocolate? I don't think so! For me eating chocolate during Christmas is unthinkable, it's like Easter without Easter eggs. OK almost.

If you don’t know what to give then chocolate hampers are a perfect gift! It never goes wrong. I have never seen anyone getting sad for receiving chocolate that’s for sure.

As Christmas is approaching so quickly now in November I have started to worry about advent calendars. My son is 4 now and surely it’s time for him to get his first advent calendar. I just can’t decide on chocolate or Lego. First choice would be chocolate as I love the calendars myself. He would probably want to eat everything the same day though.

I live far from my family so I have to send things to them as I can’t give them in person. That’s why it’s good you can send chocolates by post, that makes it possible to give without being there.

I am a complete chocolate lover so I would be very happy if I only receive chocolate gifts for Christmas. OK, I will eat the chocolate but if it is good chocolate I will never forget it. In fact I still remember a delicious coffee chocolate that I was given when I was 11 years old and can until today still feel the taste. So chocolate eating is an experience you will not soon forget.

Now talking about it I have to go and eat some… Would you be happy if you got chocolate for Christmas?

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Anonymous said...

Ho, ho, ho! Din nissa ar overallt!

lucas said...

hey, Im a brazilian , and I know a lot about coooffe , because my dad works with it.
so , Brazilian cooffe is not HORRIBLE , if you think that so you have never drinked real brazilian coffe, and for do that, you have to go in a good coffe places, like STARBUCKS, DUKIN DONNUTS etc do it.. I have sure you will change your mind.

se ya, bye

Joseph Vierra said...

To be honest, I don't think a Christmas without chocolate would be such a bad thing... that is assuming that carob still is around.
For awhile now, my family has been using carob in place of chocolate since it is much healthier. Even during the holiday season, my family still uses carob when possible.
We use so much carob, that we buy large quantities from a company called Holy Food Imports ( and we have never been dissatisfied.