Monday, November 19, 2007

The best coffee comes from Brazil, right?

Well yes and no. I'm no coffee expert but I know how to appreciate a good cup of fresh brew and I believe I have had som much coffee in my days that I know a good coffee when I try it.

Most people believe that the best coffee comes from Brazil. Or that is if you live in Brazil you only drink the best coffee. Boy you couldn't be more wrong!

The coffee that is exported may be one of the best coffees in the world but the coffee the Brazilians drink… is horrible! Not the same as European coffee...

When I arrived to Brazil I bought several new coffees every month before I could find one I really liked. The coffee here is very bitter and I understand why they add more sugar than coffee to their brews. Well now after a few years I know what coffee to buy and which ones to avoid. These coffees are drinkable:

3 coraçoes – three hearts

Café Pilao

Café do Ponto – this one is exported and is double the price compared to “normal” coffee.

Café Tradiçional Melitta- you know the Melitta filters right? They make coffee as well.

Local coffees are often more bitter and has a strong after taste, but if you go to Brazil I would recommend the above coffees. Then you won’t have to spend time on trying out coffees. Do keep in mind that Brazilian coffee (that you drink at someone’s house) is normally sweetened but if you go to a bar or coffee shops you will be able to add sugar to taste. It is very unusual that they drink black coffee. I only drink black coffee without sugar and I get very surprised looks every time I ask for it.

What’s your favorite coffee?

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Sylvia said...

I like Colombian coffee.

Jason said...

Mmmm, I adore Brazilian black coffee!!
I am sure many tourists visit Brazil not only to see its fascinating beauty and marvelous Brazil property, but also to taste perfect taste of coffeeee!!

Kim said...

Just seeing the words Cafe do Ponto brings back memories. Several years ago I lived in Sao Paulo and taught at an American School. Cafe do Ponto was the only way I could drink an "American" sized cup off coffee.

What I never could understand was how Brazilians could make a teensy-weensy cup of cafezinho last forever.

I'm excited to find your site! Looking for some good Brazilian recipes.

Adam said...

I drink Cafe Pilão (or União as they called it) every morning and although I don't feel that its extremely good, it def. does the job!

When in Brazil though, a cafezinho at a café or lanchonete is very good and I've been to a lot of them. I'm told the Brazilian secret is to add sugar in with the grounded coffee before brewing. Of course, trying to be more like the Brazilians, I did this but with American sized coffee and got the strongest headache. Put me out for 5 hours. I guess thats why they do it pint-sized!

Great blog!

Mandy said...

I visited Rio in 2005 and had quite an adventure and many many mishaps...but the best experience was discovering cafe Pilao and I just found a place here back in DC where they sell it. THANK GOD. now I look forward to waking up every single morning. I agree with your recommendations.

Mandy said...

Cafe Pilaoe is definitely the BEST coffee I have ever had and am SO grateful I found a place that sells it here in DC. It was the best thing I brought back from my trip to Rio which was not that great...ugh.