Wednesday, July 04, 2007



I love avocado. It´s a wonderful fruit, yes it is a fruit actually, and you can use it in so many different ways.
I usually just use it in salads but you can make just about anything from it.

For more tips on how to use avocados and to see what nutrients it contains read more over at Daily Power Walk and Avocado, a versatile fruit.

How do you like your avocados?


Debbie said...

I love avacados... I love making guacamole but also love slicing them up and putting them on top of hamburgers.

Healthy Perspectives said...

I love avocados, but I'm not overly fond of guacamole. Avocado salsa is wonderful and can be used as a spread on toast or crackers. It goes well with chicken and on potatoes too.

Linda @ Brazilian Food Love said...

Debbie: i am a fan of Guacamole as well! It´s so yummy!

Healthy Perspectives: Avocado salsa, isn´t that bad either! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

drbehavior said...

I like to make a grill cheese sandwich with cheddar cheese, swiss cheese and avocado on French Bread. It's absolutely delicious and you can even add sliced thin tomatoes to the mix.