Monday, December 04, 2006


Jilo is a typical Brazilian vegetable related to aubergine/eggplant. It´s origins are unknown but here in Brazil it´s usually found at the Farmer´s Market.
The Farmer´s Market is held throughout the city the whole week. So if you need to find vegetables at a good price you should seek out the closest market.

To eat Jiló it´s best if you cook it in some water a few minutes before. The taste is very sour and bitter and not very nice if you ask me but who knows, maybe I just didn´t prepare it the right way.
If you happen to find Jiló you can also fry it with some garlic and vegetables. Or you can make slimming tea if you´re worried about your waistline.

It´s very beautiful to look at though I must say.

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mwagner said...

Antes de levar o jiló ao fogo, deve-se deixá-lo de molho durante meia hora com água e vinagre. Desse modo, perde o terrível sabor amargo. Fica deliciosamente parecido com berinjela...