Sunday, January 14, 2007


Dar Dicas means to give advice. So i thought I'd give you some kitchen advice in this section. I am sure you have a few ones to give out yourself.

Well if you want to make a crouque monsiour but haven't got an oven or a grill you can actually use your iron!
Simply put the sandwich in some aluminium foil and close and use the iron as you would use the grill.
I saw this on Tv and it worked.

Did you burn yourself when you took that cake out of the oven? Well don't panic, beat an egg and use the eggwhite to sooth your burn.
This works, I've used it myself with good results.

How many times haven't you seen some kid, usually a girl, that has managed to cover herself and the hair in chewinggum? The mother sighs and sayd: Well look now what you've done, we have to cut your hair!
No you don't, there is a cure. Coke. Yes, Coca-Cola. Cover the hair in coke, preferbly cold, until the gum gets stiff and you can just remove the gum.
Yes it works!

And what to do with that lemon thats been left over after the delicious lemoncake you made?
Put it in the freezer.
I you want to grate lemon peel it's easier if the lemon or orange is frozen.

Hope you have use for some of the advice found here, you never know, you might want to make a grilled sandwich but the grill is broken? :)

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Waspgoddess said...

Fabulous advice -- particularly love the idea of ironing myself a grilled cheese sandwich!

btw -- there seems to be something wrong with the font sizing, it's absolutely tiny (at least in firefox, which is the browser I'm using).