Saturday, January 20, 2007


Have you ever tried C-vitamin tablets that contains "Acerola"? Well if you haven't and want some really nice c-vitamin tablets you should go and buy some at once! it's truly addicitive.
So what is Acerola? Acerola is a small fruit that is very common in South America. They grow on a small litle tree/shrub. You might think it's cherries first, but inside there are small seeds and the taste is a bit sour/sweet.

The good thing about Acerola is that it contains loads of C-vitmain. You get the minimum daily dose from just one single berry. Not bad right. To get up to the same quantaty of C-vitmanin when you eat an orange you have to eat a few oranges instead of just one little Acerola berry. A few meaning like atleast 10. :)

Here in Brazil you can find Acerola flavour in milkshakes, ice-cream and so on. You cannot buy them so whenever I get some I put them in the freezer. Mix it with some milk and sugar there's your Acerola milkshake. Easy and nutricous. To get the most C-vitmain you should eat them when they're green. Thats when the C-vitamin level is the highest. So if you feel a cold's coming on, ask the pharmacy for some Acerola tablets.

Acerola also goes under the name Malpighia glabra.

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