Sunday, January 21, 2007


I loooove chocolate, you might already have figures that one out after reading my Chili Tryffle post.
Well I like dark chocolate, not too dark and not too sweet. And I love to experiment with chocolate. I am not a big fan of these chocolate recipies that you find in “everyhouseholdcookboooks”.

I usually think the chocolate taste isn’t enough or that they are too dry or sweet.Now I have found a real “Oh just another slice” cake. And it was so simple and so delicious.
I basically just call this cake “Dark Temptation” or you ould call it “Dark Strawberry Temptation”.

Dark Temptation

150g butter

180g sugar

100ml mashed/mixed Strawberries (100ml after mashed)

4-5 tbsp cocoa

2tsp vanilla sugar
2 eggs

60g flour

50g cream cheese

2tbsp cocoa
2tbsp butter
2tbsp cream

60g confectionars sugar


Melt the butter and beat with the sugar. Stirr well and add cocoa, vanilla sugar and the mashes strawberries.
Add an egg at the time and finally add the flour. Pour into a round pan and bake for about 20 min 175 degrees.
The cake is not supposed to be completely dry in the middle but still a bit “loose”.
Mix all the ingredients for the decoration, make it double if you think it’s too little or want to spread it instead of piping it.
Pipe the chocolate over the cake and decorate with strawberries.
Serve with cream or as it is.


Orchidea said...

I love dark chocolate too... your recipe is great!

Waspgoddess said...

Hello Linda,
This cake sounds absolutely delicious, maybe I'll treat my man (and myself) next weekend (although I'm still trying to eat healthy in order to combat v stubborn post-christmas bulge).
Also, the acerola post was really interesting -- I can't believe that one little berry has so much vit-C in it. Another reason to go to Brazil :)

Linda @ Brazilian Food Love said...

orchidea: yes if you have to make one chocolate caka this should be the one.

Waspgodess: i can give you plenty of reasons why you should go to brazil :) Good luck with the healthy eating.