Saturday, May 19, 2007

A fishy dish

Yesterday I didn't know what to make for dinner and came to think about the fish that was temporarily stored in my Mother In Law's freezer.
Unfortunately we haven't got a big freezer so we have to leave meat and other stuff there for long term storage.

Let me come clean with one thing; I don't know how to prepare fish!
I never liked it when I was a kid but now I am really trying to like it and guess I can say that I actually like it now. Of course it depends on how it's prepared.

My husband enjoys eating fish and I want us to start eating it more regularely, it's healthy and a good choice instead of red meat.
Anyway, I called my MIL told her to take out the fish from the freezer and a few hours later I went to get it. She got terrified knowing that it was for the same day.
-But you can't eat it today! It won't be good!

I said that of course it would and went home. Started thinking, what if she's right. Maybe it will be better leaving the fish over night. But as I didn't have anything else at home to eat I pushed the thoughts aside and started preparing my fish.
My MIL also asked me if my husband was going to clean the fish, what husband? If I wait for him we won't have dinner until midnight! My MIL got very worried and I could tell she thought that I wasn't capable of cleaning the fish myself.

Actually everything went really well! I cleaned the fish, no big deal at all. I chopped up some olives, crushed garlic and added some salt to the "farinha de milho"- that is a kind of flour that is used here in Brazil made from corn. Very nice! I mixed everything, chopped up some chili's and quickly boiled them for a minute.

Stuffed the fish and put it in the oven!

Anyone said I don't know how to prepare fish? Well I later found a great site, in Swedish, about fish and I shall be making more fish soon!


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