Friday, June 08, 2007

Amendoim doce com canela


It´s quite cold in our parts of Brazil at the moment. It´s winter and that will go on for another 3 months at least.
The houses in Brazil aren´t insulated so it´s very cold inside.

One day I was freezing so much and I got tired of it and decided to make Amedoim Doce.
Candied peanuts.
You can buy candied peanuts everywhere in Brazil. It´s sold on the street and it´s perfect on a cold day.

It´s very easy to make yourself all you need is peanuts and sugar.
I decided to add cinnamon as well as I am a cinnamon fan.

Amendoim Doce com canela

Cinnamon or other spice (cardamon is my list for next time)

For 100g peanuts add 100g sugar. If you think it´s not enough, add more. Stirring is the thing here, you have to stir all the time. When the sugar becomes brown, don´t turn off the stove. Continue stirring for another few minutes until you see the the peanuts are really covered with sugar.

Take off the heat and put on a slightly oiled plate. Let it cool and enjoy.

See isn´t that easy?


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:: Suzanne :: said...

Why do homes in Brazil not have insulation? BRRRRrRrrrrr.