Friday, June 15, 2007

BBQ Chicken

I told you about the BBQ spare ribs that I made the other week. Well my taste buds have been longing for something like that again. Yesterday I wasn´t sure what I should make for dinner and then I decided: why not make BBQ chicken!?!

Once again; a quick search on the internet to compare the recipes in my head to reality and I was off. I basically used the same marinade as I did when I made the spare ribs.

I prefer healthy food to fat food so there was no oil in this marinade either.
That is what I like about oven baked food. You just wrap some foil around it, pop it in the oven and that´s it! Then you can leave you chicken there for some time and go back later to unfold the foil and wait for it to reach that nice brown golden color.

You eat with your eyes as well you know.

The chicken turned out great and I shall be making it again soon that´s for sure!
So if you have never oven baked a BBQ chicken, then try, it´s a delicious and simple dinner!


Karin said...

Linda! Do you know that somebody is stealing your content? You can find your latest post Barbeque Chicken here:

This outrageous thief (it´s a robot) has stolen my and other website´s owners content since February this year.

Linda said...

OMG!!! Thank you Karin!!!!


Karin said...

Well Linda, I have spent several hours the last days, writing letters to this blog thief´s host, (no answer), writing to Feedburner, Google, Yahoo, Google AdSense, SpamReporter, Technorati..

This splog´s owner is a Russian registrar, has a Brazilian host and a Washington DC IP address. I posted a blog post today and was waiting for it to be rebublished at this splog. However, my RSS Feed hasn´t been scrapped today.

Linda @ Brazilian Food Love said...

Thanks Karin, please feel free to email me to continue this conversation, I´ve spoken to some bloggers after this and wouldn´t mind sharing the info with you. I might help us all!