Friday, June 01, 2007

Spare ribs Southern style

The other day I realized that I hadn't eaten spare ribs for years and thought it was baout time to change that.
So i went to the butcher and bougth some. I asked for him not to separate them as I wanted to bake them all in the oven. I had no idea on how to make them or a recipe for a marinade.
So after searching around I saw that the main ingredients for a souther style BBQ ribs were: Tomato puré, onions, garlic and vinegar.

So what I did was that I crushed some garlic, added salt, blackpepper, vinegar and tomato puré.
I wrapped the ribs in foil, let it bake for about 30 min or so, honestly don't remember. Unfolded the foil, and added the marinade. And let it bake for another 30 min or so until it was all ready.

I served it with rice and it was absolutely delicious!
I can't wait to do it again. And it was so easy!

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