Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hawaii and pineapples

Exotic food and relaxation, that´s what it´s about when you go on a holiday.
I especially like the food part. If the food is not good, then my holiday won´t be either.
I have always found it fascinating to explore new food and one place that has something I like is Hawaii. I like pineapples.
Is there anything more Hawaiian than pineapples and the beautiful flowers?

But you have to live well as well when you go on a holiday. If you have a look at Hawaii travel packages then you will see that there is a lot more to Hawaii then pineapple.

I would like to stay at the Paia Beach House and enjoy my exotic flavored drinks from there.
The house comes with a full kitchen, necessary for a food lover I think.

But what I mostly like is that it is eco tourism friendly. You can rely on that you get quality food and that the environment is looked after.
The local communities benefits from the tourism which I think is really important. Natural resources are use at the hotels not putting too much strain on the nature.

So for eco friendly Hawaii travel packages holiday, visit Hawaiian Beach Rentals.


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