Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cooking with kids at home

I am at home with my 3 year old son at the moment. He is on school holiday until Thursday next week.

He is slowly but surely driving me insane, no question. But I love him to bits of course so I really shouldn´t complain. Every day, not only now when he is on holiday, I struggle to make dinner without feeling stressed.

Having someone calling you the whole time doesn´t really give you much pleasure cooking. I always try different things like giving him a snack or try and make him play with something. usually it fails. He keeps calling me and it is amazing that while I am writing this he hasn´t called me once. So really I should go and cut my chicken now.

We are having fried chicken with rice for dinner. It´s not something we eat very often as it´s fat. But once in a while...

If you have kids at home, what do you do to keep them busy while cooking? And don´t tell me that they are helping you... :)


Anonymous said...

I know you're going to find this hard to believe, but, we have five children (they are all grown now)and I was in Graduate School while my wife stayed home and looked after them. My wife does not like to cook, so - when I came home from classes, I used to take all the children into the kitchen with me and I made cooking into a different adventure game every day. On the weekends we would all go to the Farmer's Market where I would teach them about the food we were going to prepare for that week and always made them think that it was a game as well. They were wonderful helpers as children and today they are all wonderful cooks and doing much the same thing with there own children as I did with them. If you're tense or don't really like what you're doing then your son will pick up on it and not be able to stay still with you while you try cooking new things. However, if you relax and really let him share the goodness of the experience and his wonderful companionship then you'll be able to prepare meals even better than you expected. Best wishes and good luck from Northern California.

Linda @ Brazilian Food Love said...

That is a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing, you must be a man with great patience.
I will remember this. Thanks for inspiring me!