Friday, July 13, 2007

Lazy Cooking

OK I admit, I am lazy in the kitchen. But that is not due to laziness such as I don´t like to cook. But due to the fact that I haven´t got much time to stand in the kitchen. Before I had a lot of time but now, time is limited.

My husband like simple cooking so I think that is a great help. He is happy with eating only rice and meat while I want some kind of sauce or something to go with the meat. See that is a different between Europe and Brazil, they don´t serve sauces. So what I do is that I buy small soup envelopes and make sauce out of that. Easy and quick.

Another thing to help me on the way, or any stressed mother, is to make lots of food one day and not to be afraid to serve it two days in a row. As long as you make sure you have something different for lunch that should be OK. If you want to improve it you can add a sauce or make a different salad.

When you have kids and family you really can´t be that fuzzy all the time.

If my economy permits I buy a few easy snacks and put in the freezer. So some days we have only chicken nuggets and fried potato and salad, some days a take away pizza. Do I feel bad about this? Well yes and well no, there are other things that are ore important sometimes. So you have to make the most out of the situation.

Lazy cooking isn´t that bad actually, it can be really tasty. You just can´t do it too often or it will get boring.

Are you a lazy cook?

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1 comment:

Agdah said...

"...different between Europe and Brazil, they don´t serve sauces..."

Poor you!!!! I don't exactly know where you are living in Brazil, but I can assure you that there are places where people do make and have dishes with sauces. The few comercial sauces sold in supermarkets aren't very popular but usually the homemade dishes need have some sort of gravy in them otherwise food will be dry and tasteless, especially if they add "farinha" to their meals like in the northeast.