Monday, July 30, 2007

Kitchen accidents

If you have never cut yourself in the kitchen you are either very lucky or you don´t spend too much time in there.

I rarely cut myself but of course it does happen. The other day I was grating marzipan, I was making cinnamon buns with marzipan, and I managed to cut my wrist.
It hurt so much, and now 3 days later it still hurts and every time I lean on my wrist there is the painful reminder that I have to go and buy myself a new grater.

You see, the reason I cut myself was because I used a small grater that you just hold in your hand. That´s because I´m a cheapskate and didn´t want to spend the money to buy a proper grater that won´t fall apart after using it a few times.

Here in Brazil it´s not always easy to find good kitchen stuff. That includes a stainless grater at a good price. So when I found this little pink grater I thought that it was incredibly cute and of course it was cheap.

Obviously now after this incident I have decided to invest in a good stainless grater, no matter the cost. And the little beautiful pink grater? I´ll throw that as far as I possibly can!

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Agdah said...

You have a ehole bunch of blogs...So you live in Brazil? What part exactly? Sorry if you already mentioned it but I just came across you blog while looking for a recipe...

Agdah said...

I meant to say a "whole bunch"