Monday, October 22, 2007

Hot and peppery

If I had to chose between all the spices that exists and only use that for the rest of my life I would no doubt chose black pepper. I love black pepper! And even better is the combination black pepper and pink pepper.

I have a coffee grinder where I grind my own pepper mix. The perfect combination is a little bit of white pepper, some more pink pepper and lots of black pepper. That is the ultimate seasoning!

I use black pepper on almost everything! I add it to almost every dish and even sweets. My favorite fruit salad contains black pepper and oranges.
Try it and see for yourself how good it is;

Simple fruit salad with black pepper
Cheese, use ricotta or other fresh cheese that is not too salty
black pepper

Peel and chop the oranges, dice the cheese, add pepper and salt to taste.

See how simple it is. Of course you can add apple and other fruit as well. This combination is also very nice with red onion. Of course then it´s not going towards sweet but more salty.

What seasoning could you never live without?

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