Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How did you learn to cook?

Many of my friends often say " I´m not as good at cooking as you are". And I always say: Everybody can cook.

Because I truly believe it´s something most of us can do. All we need to do is practise.  When I was a child I had no idea how to cook, in my teens my mother was very hestiant at letting me cook. She thought I made a mess only eventhough I would clean everything afterwards.

I´m not a great cook, I just like to improvise and letting my fantasy and teste buds take over. But I am far from being as creative as many chefs or hobby chefs. Or at elast I think so. I am probably more creative than I think.

How did I learn how to cook? I got married. Haha. It´s actually true, after I got married I discovered I had a great interest in cooking and I needed to do it everyday.

How did you learn how to cook or do you think that some people are just not meant to cook?

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Abby said...

I learned from my grandmother and her sister, my great aunt maggie. My mom also taught me some, but she was in school when I was growing up so she was v. busy!

I have one sister who says she doesn't like to cook, and one who says she does. I think it's like anything else in life: We excel most at that which we enjoy. Everybody CAN cook, but if they hate to they arent' going to try v. hard!

Anali said...

I agree with you that everyone can cook, but only if they want to. I think when it comes down to it, some people just don't want to cook. They don't enjoy it. I love to cook, but more baking to be specific and I learned growing up from my mom.

Anonymous said...

I learned to cook from the internet. I find interesting sounding recipes, try them, keep the good ones, and toss out the bad. Trying is the only way to learn.

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Robin said...

I agree - everyone can cook. I think I learned a lot by watching my mom, even though she doesn't think so (becuase she thinks I am a better cook). I think it's a combination observation and just being willing to experiment.